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by Paul Ingwenya - Tuesday, 4 April 2017, 8:50 PM
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Original Elephant Hair Bracelets

As the name suggests, elephant hair bracelets are originally made from the real hair of an elephant. The demand for this eco-friendly product has grown exponentially in the last 10 years. It has provided employment to disadvantaged local people without much of a capital outlay as the dung is freely available. This action is understood to bring good luck and power. In Africa, these exceptional elephant hair bracelets are known existing from over 1500 years ago. Not only four knots, elephant hair bracelets can also be made from either two or six knots. Fortunately, international measures for elephant conservation now focus on controlling ivory stockpiles, strengthening the borders against poachers in protected areas, anti-poaching patrols and reduction of human/animal conflicts, creating a very positive change and giving hope for the survival of the mystical elephants.

Possessing imitation hair bracelets which are made from other different metals like silver, sometimes copper and sometimes gold or a closer specimen like giraffe hair or other animals with hair is always an option that is available. It is worn as a mark of prestige and given as a gift of love, brotherhood and good luck. If you favor gold, you can find the ones enhanced with the color of gold. Ancient craftsmen of Africa fashioned a bangle from the long hairs of an elephant’s tail as a trophy proving the hunter-warrior’s skill and daring. Then, six knots represent all those elements; earth, nature, wind, sun fire, and water.

South Africa has one of the most original and best conservation initiatives for the elephant: photo safaris and eco-friendly paper. And to tell the truth, after all it looks classy, elegant and has a great legend and history to carry forth.

Elephant hair bracelets have been becoming popular jewelry since a long time ago. It is collected, boiled for three hours, cleansed, strained, left to dry and then turned into paper for sale. The laws of Africa have now made it legal to kill poachers, which has caused a significant decline in the loss of elephants in recent years. Not only unique and extraordinary, this jewelry … Read More »

You can find man made elephant hair bracelet in a wide variety of designs. If you prefer silver, you will be able to get it as well. The designs can be simple or even be more elaborated with tiny details or ornaments. The locals are also finding an income stream from eco-friendly paper is made from the elephant dung. The paper is sold to local businesses or directly to tourists and some is exported internationally. You can always try to check on each one of them to be more certain on what you are searching for.

A long time ago in Africa, different people from all over the continent wore bangles made from the hairs of the mighty elephant. The traditional African elephant hair bangle embodies the bull elephant’s strength, courage, and wisdom. You can also get the ones with leather or copper. If four knots represent four life elements, then two knots represent the earth and nature which should live side by side. They are actually investing resources to defend their elephants against poachers. You can always pick up the ones you think as the best and get the ones you think will suit you the most. When people are tightening these knots around their hand, it is believed that they are uniting the forces of four life elements with a strong life force. The other elephant hair bracelet benefits are that the jewelry is believed as the connecting factor between life in earth and heaven as well as a symbol of four elements of life: wind, sun fire, and water which is represented by its four knots. By choosing this option you can become a part of this legend in this manner as well. Local African residents are now less inclined to kill elephants because they are receiving revenues from photo safari operators who bring in paid tourists to view the animals.