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Traditional Chinese medicine has many novel ways of diagnosing diseases in your body and tongue diagnosis forms the most important and basic forms of disease detection. This form of Chinese medical system views the human body as a whole organic structure with many sub systems all acting in unison to a well functioning body unit.

When there is a disorder in the body the traditional Chinese medical system believes that it will be reflected as a local phenomenon. This pathological change though hidden inside the body is always found to manifest itself in more than one way outside the body that can be seen easily by a trained medical practitioner under the traditional Chinese medicine.

Our online multiple Medical Symptoms Checker allows you to basically do the same thing your mother, only this time you get an intellectualized diagnosis and therapy at the touch of a button and in the comfort of your own home.

Start Symptom Diagnosis

Once you have created your profile and you want to check your symptoms, you may proceed to click on the Start Symptom Diagnosis tab on the main menu where you will find an Intelligent Computer-operated Diagnosis Therapeutic System that is quite simple to follow and fill out.

The medical symptom checker is a 3 part process:

Constitution List category: This part gives you 4 options to select from

  • Physical
  • Inspection of face
  • Voice
  • Onset of illness


Symptom & Disease List: This part gives you a list of symptoms to choose from that describe what you are experiencing such as pain, fever, sweating, etc.


Patient Statement: This is an additional option where you can add other symptoms that you are experiencing that may not appear on the Symptoms & Disease List.


Finally, save and upload Documents. You can upload previous medical documents/ files you may have and also important, you need to upload is an image of your tongue for that is a vital part of the diagnosis. Please remember that the symptoms you have selected cannot be saved if you haven’t logged in. Upload a file and submit one patient statement list at a time for a complete diagnosing.

How Chinese Medical Diagnosis Works

We now hope that by now you have had a chance to read through the very informative resources on our website and you understand how our computer-operated TCM diagnostic therapeutic system works. As you can see our database covers the entire area of traditional medical care, the knowledge of different traditional Chinese medical symptoms and a diverse therapeutic mode of treatment.


Once you have completed, uploaded medical documents, tongue image, told us which medicines you are taking and submitted your saved Patient Statement to our Chinese medical doctor, you will in due time receive a complete reference medical report that explains the nature of your illness in detail and in order to help you in your recovery process, our doctor will offer a treatment method, suggestions of effective herbal medication, a rehabilitation process if indeed necessary, an outcome evaluation and any other information that you may require.

Please note that at this point our doctor will be available to you at any time of the day to address any questions and concerns that you may have and for support and follow-ups.


We at Sanlida TCM online clinic have done a detailed drug use regulation in the hopes of minimizing unnecessary drug use and dependency where we utilize other forms of holistic and traditional forms of healing practices so as to ensure you receive personalized and the highest forms of treatment.


We also focus on an individual’s inner nature and the contributing factors of their illness so that the doctor can formulate a custom-made herbal medication(s)that come in Capsule Form for your consideration.