Free course units

A selection of sample teacher training units from the British Council.

Full courses are available here:

Develop purposeful learning activities using different types of mobile devices and apps and understand how to integrate them into your teaching.

Certificate in Primary English Language Teaching (CiPELT) is aimed at primary teachers working in low-resourced contexts in large mixed-level classes.
Certificate in Secondary English Language Teaching (CiSELT) is aimed at English language teachers working in secondary schools with learners aged 11-18.
If you are teaching school subjects in English, then this course will provide comprehensive training on the methodology and practice of (CLIL) you need in your work.
The course is for teachers who wish to take their English language level from A2 to B1 at the same time as developing teaching skills. 
The course is for teachers who wish to take their English language level from B1 to B2 at the same time as developing teaching skills.

Explore some of the issues you need to consider when using learning technologies in the English language classroom.

This course is aimed at teachers of primary children in state or private schools or teachers teaching English in secondary schools who would like to work in the primary sector.
This is for English language teachers who are in their final year of pre-service study or in their first two years of full-time teaching of English.
For teachers who want to develop expertise in Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) or who are preparing to take the TKT exam.
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